Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ken Shamrock is a pussy, Kimbo not stoked.

Part time MMA Icon and full time vagina Ken Shamrock was unable to fight tonight in his highly promoted battle against Elite XC superstar Kimbo Slice. Shamrock was unable to compete in tonights event due to a laceration requiring six stitches he received over his left eye while rolling around on the floor with another man before the match. When asked what he thought of the commissions decision to disallow his participation; Shamrock said "It's hard for me to even swallow that." While insisting that he would "fight right now" his demeanor clearly showed that his boo boo really really hurt. Dr Allan Fields from the Florida State Gaming commission stated that the stitches and bruise over Shamrocks eye, left the wound at risk of hemorrhaging which can obscure vision and be not only dangerous but extremely hilarious. Kens adopted brother and fellow MMA Superstar Frank Shamrock seemed quite dismayed with his brothers punk-bitch like actions; stating that he "didn't know Ken was doing" and going on to say Ken was "disappointing the Shamrock family, and putting our legacy in jeopardy.". Even though Shamrock was unable to fight, the main event would still go on bringing in UFC vet Seth Petruzelli who was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa on the under card . When asked what he thought of the change of plans Kimbo Slice (who has most recently made short work of jobbers such as Tank Abbot and James Thompson) clearly unhappy with Shamrocks bitch-ass-itude stated "in professional organization expect for it to be as such" while im pretty sure I know what Kimbo meant, he was obviously not happy facing Petruzelli (who has faced big name fighters such Matt Hamill, Wilson Gouveia and defeated MMA legend Dan "The Beast" Severn in 2004) on such short notice. This is a disappointing move on Shamrocks part mainly due to all the shit talking that took place leading up to this fight. We will have more on the Slice / Petruzelli bout in our complete recap of the event.

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